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Free strategic entrepreneurship training

As part of our involvement in the STeP project, we offer free access to the strategic entrepreneurship training platform. You can subscribe for the course (available also in Dutch with Dutch audio). STeP targets to develop an innovative and integrated online training programme and platform on Strategic Development, ensuring vocational education for stakeholders of SMEs throughout all sectoral activities via newest learning methods, and is going to be piloted in Turkey, France and Belgium in 2015. Click on the language to enter the learning platform: English Türkçe Français Dutch Following modules are provided: Module 1. Introduction to Strategy Training e-Learning Platform Module 2. Policies, Initiatives and Legal Framework on Strategic Development Module 3. Components of Strategy Development Module 4. Environmental Analysis for SMEs Module 5. Formulation of Strategy Module 6. Strategy Implementation Module 7. Strategic Leadership Module 8. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Strategy Module 9. Social Business Strategy Module 10. Performance Measurement/Management and Strategy TRAINEE: Evaluation questionnaire STeP (Strategy Training e-Platform) is a transfer of innovation project and is funded by the EU within the scope of the Life Long Learning and specifically the Leonardo da Vinci Program. It was transferred from the Agreement No 142823-LLP-1-2008-1-AT-LEONARDO-LMP project, named as [...]