DiversAsia external evaluation – tender invitation

Project details:
DiversAsia – Embracing diversity in ASIA through the adoption of Inclusive Open Practices
Start date: 15 January 2021
End date: 14 January 2024
Duration: 3 years

DIVERSASIA will build capacity of 2 HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) in India and 2 HEIs in Bangladesh to integrate these students that have disabilities, using know-how and an inclusive education toolkit developed by experienced inclusive education experts from United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Belgium, Latvia, Turkey and Serbia. Envisaged main results:

  • D1.1-Survey methodology
  • D1.2a-Teachers and administrative staff survey (Bangla)
  • D1.2a-Teachers and administrative staff survey (English)
  • D1.2b-Student Survey Questionnaire (Long version in EN)
  • D1.2b-Student Survey Questionnaire (Short version in EN)
  • D1.2c-Teachers survey flyer
  • D1.3-Consolidated survey findings
  • D1.4-Consolidated State of the Art
  • D2.2a-DIVERSASIA toolkit for transfer of best practices on implementation of inclusive education in HEI
  • D2.1.2-DIVERSASIA toolkit creation (including pedagogical approach)
  • D2.3a-DIVERSASIA portal with integrated mobile app
  • D3.1-Quality strategy document
  • D4.1-Dissemination and Exploitation Plan
  • D4.3-Project Website

External evaluation:
We are looking for an external evaluation approach which includes evaluation of the development of our project outputs, evaluation of the dissemination/impact of the project outputs, observation of partners’ meetings and identification of possible risk factors and recommendations for improvements.

Envisaged results:

  • Production of external evaluation plan, tools and reports
  • Formative external evaluation
  • Final external evaluation report

External evaluation report at final stage: This report will be prepared by the external evaluator at the final stage. The external evaluator will play the role of a critical friend and will ensure all planned activities are realised on time and with guaranteed quality. The external evaluator will be expected to present his/her external evaluation approach during an online partner meeting in October 2023, and participate in all subsequent partner meetings (online ones only).

The external evaluator will ensure the provision of process-related evaluation (evaluating project progress, achievements and outcomes; evaluating the roles and of project partners; evaluating mechanisms and strategies for project implementation) progress.

The external evaluator will be selected based on conducted tender procedure (minimum 3 offers to be collected). The award will be made to the tenderer that will offer the lowest price, given that he/she fulfills the required specifications by confirming the capacity to execute the project.

Please send your tender offer (work to be performed, expertise and offer using this template) no later than 30/09/2023 at noon time (12.00am CET) to info@phoenixkm.eu.