Our course on Erasmus+ successful proposal writing prepares participants to confidently apply for and manage Erasmus+ projects, ultimately contributing to their institution’s or organization’s success in securing funding and implementing valuable initiatives.

Course Title: Erasmus+ successful proposal writing

Course duration: The course is designed as a multi-week program, spanning 6-8 weeks with 1-2 sessions per week.

Target audience: The course is suitable for educators, administrators, and professionals interested in applying for and managing Erasmus+ projects.

Price: €799 (VAT incl) per person via SWIFT bank transfer or PAYPAL.

Course objectives:

  • Understand Erasmus+ program: Provide an overview of the Erasmus+ program, its goals, and available funding opportunities.
  • Proposal development: Guide participants through the process of proposal development from ideation to submission.
  • Project management skills: Equip participants with essential project management skills and tools.
  • Successful proposal writing: Focus on the elements of a compelling Erasmus+ project proposal.
  • Budgeting and financial management: Teach budget development and financial management within Erasmus+ projects.
  • Partnership building: Explain strategies for finding and building effective partnerships.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Discuss methods for monitoring and evaluating project progress and outcomes.
  • Dissemination and sustainability: Explore strategies for disseminating project results and ensuring project sustainability.

Course outline:

Session 1: Introduction to Erasmus+ program

  • Overview of Erasmus+ program and its objectives
  • Types of projects and available funding streams

Session 2: Needs assessment and idea generation

  • Identifying project needs and objectives
  • Generating project ideas

Session 3: Project planning and design

  • Structuring your project concept
  • Defining project goals, activities, and outcomes

Session 4: Partner search and building a consortium

  • Finding suitable partners
  • Building a strong consortium

Session 5: Proposal writing essentials

  • Crafting a compelling project proposal
  • Understanding the evaluation criteria

Session 6: Budgeting and financial management

  • Developing an Erasmus+ project budget
  • Financial management and reporting

Session 7: Project management and implementation

  • Managing project activities and tasks
  • Dealing with challenges and risks

Session 8: Monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination

  • Monitoring and evaluation of project progress
  • Strategies for disseminating project results
  • Ensuring project sustainability

Course methodology:

  • Online lectures and presentations
  • Group discussions and case studies
  • Practical exercises in proposal writing
  • Guest speakers who have successfully managed Erasmus+ projects
  • Mock proposal reviews and feedback sessions


Proposal development assignments
Quizzes and exams to test understanding
Peer reviews of proposals
Participation in group discussions


  • Erasmus+ program guidelines and documentation
  • Sample successful Erasmus+ project proposals
  • Project management tools and templates
  • Online (partner) research databases

Final project (optional):

Participants will develop a full Erasmus+ project proposal throughout the course, applying the knowledge and skills they have acquired. The proposals will be reviewed by the main instructor.


  • Participants who successfully complete the course and create a viable Erasmus+ project proposal will receive a certificate of completion.

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A certificate will be provided to each successful participant afterwards.

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