AI-TOP external evaluation – tender invitation

Project details:
An AI Tool to Predict Engagement and ‘Meltdown’ Events in Students with Autism (AI TOP)
Start date: 01.09.2020
End date: 31.08.2023
Duration: 3 years

Our project aims to tackle early school leaving and to support the inclusive education of students with ASC by the provision of personalised learning pathways and support according to the specific needs of each child.

With our activities and intellectual outputs we aim to improve the understanding of autism both within school, and in the wider community and furthermore to provide a learning environment free of emotional trauma.

We aim to increase the likelihood that students with autism will make the academic and social progress that they should. Via the use of the project outputs, we aim to decrease incidents of challenging behaviour, leading to the improved mental wellbeing of each student, and decrease instances of absenteeism and bullying.

Our innovative mobile app will infer the level of engagement of students with autism in learning experiences, and predict ‘meltdown’ moments (even at the ‘rumble’ stage), allowing early intervention to pre-empt challenging behaviours.

Envisaged main results:

  • IO1: Online searchable Database
  • IO2: Transferred Mobile Engagement and Meltdown Measurement App
  • IO3: Optimisation of autism meltdown framework
  • IO4: Handbook for Teachers and Parents
  • IO5: Pedagogical Framework for children with autism

External evaluation:
We are looking for an external evaluation approach which includes evaluation of the development of our project outputs, evaluation of the dissemination/impact of the project outputs, observation of partners’ meetings and identification of possible risk factors and recommendations for improvements.

Envisaged results:

  • Production of external evaluation plan, tools and reports
  • Formative external evaluation
  • Interim external evaluation report – month 18
  • Final external evaluation report – month 36

The external evaluator will ensure the provision of process-related evaluation (evaluating project progress, achievements and outcomes; evaluating the roles and of project partners; evaluating mechanisms and strategies for project implementation) progress.

The external evaluator will be selected based on conducted tender procedure (minimum 3 offers to be collected). The award will be made to the tenderer that will offer the lowest price, given that he/she fulfills the required specifications by confirming the capacity to execute the project.

Please send your tender offer (work to be performed, expertise and offer) no later than 24/12/2020 at noon time (12.00am CET) to