VM-PRO external evaluation – tender invitation

Project details:
Self-assessment system for validation of non-formal experience via youth mentoring programmes for the reintegration process at education and labour market of students and youth with disabilities (VM PRO) – 2017-2-IT03-KA205-011257
Start date: 01.12.2017
End date: 30.11.2019
Duration: 2 years

Our project aims to:
Create operational non-formal mentoring programs to promote young people with disabilities to the labour market at the existing workplaces offered by employers.
Enable youth with disabilities to identify their capabilities and interests for further training and potential work through offering on-the job mentoring.
Offer a validation tool of blended mentoring programs conducted by mentors.
Support acquisition of key and transversal competencies by the support of youth mentors and workers of beneficiaries with disabilities.
Create networks at local level between the education and the business.
Create package of mentoring practices for mentors and mentees.
Strengthen the skills of youth with disabilities in areas such as active citizenship, entrepreneurship

Envisaged main results:
IO1 Good practice guide in youth mentoring to prevent educational and labor market dropouts
IO2 Extended code of practice for conducting youth mentoring program
IO3 Self-assessment system for external validation as a part of a blended-assessment model
IO4 Android based mobile mentoring app to facilitate distance mentoring for youth with disabilities

External evaluation:
We are looking for an external evaluation approach which includes evaluation of the development of our project outputs, evaluation of the dissemination/impact of the project outputs, observation of partners’ meetings and identification of possible risk factors and recommendations for improvements.

More information at https://www.vm-pro.eu/.

Envisaged results:
Production of external evaluation plan, tools and reports
Interim external evaluation report – month 12
Final external evaluation report – month 24

The external evaluator will ensure the provision of process-related evaluation (evaluating project progress, achievements and outcomes; evaluating the roles and of project partners; evaluating mechanisms and strategies for project implementation) progress.

The external evaluator will be selected based on conducted tender procedure. The award will be made to the tenderer that will offer the lowest price, given that he/she fulfills the required specifications by confirming the capacity to execute the project.

Please send your tender offer (work to be performed, expertise and offer) no later than 31/12/2017 at noon time (12.00am CET) to info@phoenixkm.eu.