STeP external evaluation – tender invitation

Project details:
Strategy e-Training Platform (STeP) – 2013-1-TR1-LEO05-47550
Start date: 01.11.2013
End date: 31.10.2015
Duration: 2 years

Project outline:
Clear strategic planning is the most important indicator for innovation and development processes, for a balanced growth and strengthening the company profile. To be able to plan strategically provides a competitive advantage to enterprises. It allows not only to react to market fluctuations, but to analyze and develop medium and longer term concepts for entering new markets, develop new business models etc. which are bringing added value to the enterprise. Finally it is one requirement to keep innovative and to safeguard jobs of the individual employees. In most medium sized and bigger enterprises the creation and implementation of strategic development processes is an important issue. But there is a lack in strategic planning in most small and micro enterprises. Even if small enterprises have business plans, there is less evidence of strategic thinking in comparison to larger businesses.
The main aim of this project is to provide easy and free access to an electronic training platform for all the parties involved with strategic development in order to increase awareness about the existing lack in strategic development and planning in small companies and the importance of this issue. Specific objectives:-To adopt the curricula that was prepared by the Austrian partner for enterprise strategy which covers topics as Strategic Analysis, Strategic Diagnosis, Formulation and Implementation of Strategy.
-To prepare additional curricula; this will include topics that cover present needs of enterprises across sectors with regards to strategy development and planning.
-To test the e-learning platform in Turkey, France and Belgium on a group of facilitators from SMEs.
-To disseminate project outputs to all SMEs, social partners and NGOs in order to increase their awareness in strategic development and planning value, and to decrease the the negative effects of its non-existence.
The partnership is consisting of the following: Yildirim Beyazit University, coordinator, Turkey; the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Vaucluse, France; consultancy company PhoenixKM, Belgium; research organisation MERIG, Austria; KOSGEB, Turkey; Sakarya University, Turkey.
Tangible outcomes of the project will be: cross-cultural analyses of the current situation and needs report, a modular e-learning platform infrastructure, e-learning modules that can be accessible to all relevant SMEs, certified participants of the piloting process. Intangible outcomes will be: increased awareness of SMEs in strategy development and planning value, decrease the the negative effects of its non-existence. The project STeP directly addresses the needs of the target group by intending to elaborate content for training strategic planning and development, which is directly reflecting the needs of management staff in small enterprises and also by developing an innovative blended learning model which best addresses this group.

Envisaged main results:
WP1 Project organisation and management: Interim Report; Final Report
WP2 Web page development and manipulation of electronic data: Web site- Web portal
WP3 Cross-cultural analyses of the current situation and needs: Report on current status and needs; Questionnaire for survey
WP4 Adoption of existing learning material and development of the new content (curriculum): Course contents
WP5 Development of e-learning material and platform: Online training materials; Web based E-learning Platform
WP6 Piloting and evaluation of materials: Pilot training of 100 participants; Certificates for participants
WP7 Quality Assurance: Evaluation Framework, Evaluation of testing; Internal interim evaluation report; Internal final evaluation report; External evaluation report
WP8 Dissemination and exploitation: Leaflets; Press releases; Dissemination Materials (Promotional Pen, Calendar, Flash Drive, Notebook, Folder); Posters; Final Project Conference/Workshop; CDs, DVDs

External evaluation:
We are looking for an external evaluation approach which includes evaluation of the development of our project outputs, evaluation of the dissemination/impact of the project outputs, observation of partners’ meetings and identification of possible risk factors and recommendations for improvements.

Envisaged results:
Production of external evaluation plan, tools and reports
Interim external evaluation report – month 12
Final external evaluation report – month 24

The external evaluator will ensure the provision of process-related evaluation (evaluating project progress, achievements and outcomes; evaluating the roles and of project partners; evaluating mechanisms and strategies for project implementation) progress.

The external evaluator will be selected based on conducted tender procedure. The award will be made to the tenderer that will offer the lowest price, given that he/she fulfills the required specifications by confirming the capacity to execute the project.

Please send your tender offer (work to be performed, expertise and offer) no later than 31/10/2013 at noon time (12.00am CET) to:

  • Yildirim Beyazit University-School of Management, Cinnah Caddesi, No: 16, Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey, hereafternamed “the Contractor”, represented by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Barca, Dean of YBU-School of Management, mehmet