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PhoenixKM BVBA has extensive expertise in the fields of accessibility consultancy. It is focused towards the integration of people with disabilities in every aspect of daily life, and aims to achieve its goal by aggregating knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of education, training, and employment, and making it available to the targeted user groups through well-defined consultancy services, as well as private and publicly funded projects by our dedicated experts. PhoenixKM carries out these services and initiatives throughout Europe, but also beyond. We also have a new department that provides advice on the successful usage of social media in various business domains (media, music, service provision). Increasingly, this knowledge is being applied in all business domains in which PhoenixKM is being active, including the accessibility ones.

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. — Douglas Adamsce


Our activities are mainly in the area of inclusion and accessibility, related to ICT. Our direct partners are peopel with disabilities and their representative organisations and stakeholders/gatekeepers.


Following provides an overview of the activities undertaken by PhoenixKM.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. PhoenixKM is providing SEO consultancy to a selected number of companies in the area of media, and retail. Our specialised SEO professionals assist content writers, link builders, developers, etc. of our clients to improve their own search engine ranking positions and ultimately revenue gained from the natural search channel. After an initial consultation to define your key objectives and requirements we will perform an analysis of your current site and its ranking compared to your competitors based on keywords you supply to us or we suggest for you. A bespoke package for an SEO solution will then be tailor made for you based on both on page and off page SEO factors. This includes training of your staff if desired.

Following services are offered:

  • 1 day training (includes: basic and advanced knowledge on correct and efficient usage of meta tags; CMS overview with relevant supportive SEO plugins; SEO friendly content creation; generation of web traffic)
  • Social media and using analytic services
  • Site audit
  • How to monetise your (corporate) site

External evaluation

Our experts perform external evaluation for various Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci and other projects:

  • Interim and final evaluation
  • Project management support for interim and final reporting Research in the field of disability

Our staff is experienced in undertaking research in the field of disability, and this in a wide spectrum:

  • User needs
  • Assistive technologies
  • Employability
  • State of the art research and analyses
  • Local end-user involvement Valorisation
  • Consulting on the development and implementation of valorisation strategies and plans (dissemination + exploitation ) of project outcomes, as well as undertaking of valorisation activities: guidance and production of project promotional materials such as: leaflets (design, look and feel), CD-ROMs, DVDs, accessible websites, logos, etc.
  • Access to wide and various dissemination networks of end-user organisations and relevant stakeholders throughout Europe.
  • Extensive expertise in “findability” and “searchability” (SEO – Search Engine Optimisation) of website.
  • Social media usage (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) Accessibility expertise
  • Assessing (existing) website overall design (CMS supported or not), either for projects, as well as for private initiatives, using accessibility specialists as well as end-users.
  • Consulting for tender submitters and tenders that got accepted regarding the accessibility of their offered services.
  • Peer reviewing in terms of accessibility, as well as overall soundness of projects vis-à-vis accessibility.
  • Assessing the accessibility of event venues. e-Learning courses offered through fully accessible e-learning environments
  • Design and development of accessible e-learning courses (Career-Guidance, Entrepreneurship, Braille /Sign language, Disability equality)
  • Course on design of accessible websites – Course on SEO
  • Course on social media usage
  • Course on project management (Leonardo, Grundtvig, FP7)
  • Creation and production of dissemination material
  • Accessible project websites, with customised Content Management Support
  • Accessible e-learning and groupware – Videos and animations
  • Flash animated (educational) games Advice provision on employing people with disabilities, disadvantaged and elderly
  • Mentoring schemes and networking between local end-user groups and employers interested in employing People with Disabilities/Disadvantaged and Elderly Pool of experts available for courses, workshops, and conferences
  • Experts experienced in Accessibility of web interfaces, Search engine results optimisation of your website, and Social Media usage
  • Independent experts for tenders (various profiles available)
  • Evaluation experts for (LLL) projects User requirement analyses (People with disabilities, Elderly, Socially disadvantaged groups)
  • User requirement analysis in all European countries through European network of experts and researchers.
  • Organisation of local pilot trials with targeted end-user groups throughout Europe.
  • Localisation and customisation of user interfaces.
  • Project management
  • Development of concept and project applications under the LifeLong Learning and Framework programmes’ specific calls dedicated to disability/accessibility issues
  • Guidance on partner search and networking
  • Financial and quality management to LLL projects